Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Some Pictures of What We've Been Doing

Well I was trying my darndest get these pictures in the order I wanted but it is sooo not happening. I've already spent to0 much time on what was supposed to "just a quick post" that I just have to move on. So in a nut-Turner Field had a free Open House. The kids got to run the bases and even sit in the dug out. One of the pictures is Ryan, his friend Jack (in the same class and on the same baseball team) and Adelaide standing on home plate. The Tucker Law Enforcement also had a free open house of sorts. Ryan tried on the swat team gear very cool. We went to WV for Spring Break. Tate's favorite place to hang-snuggled up to grandma in the rocking chair. And yes even though life his busy with 3 kids, they do still get bathed occasionally. I needed to document the moment of course since it is a rarity when all 3 of them are clean at the same time:)
Dont' ya just love free stuff and fresh smelling children...