Monday, November 15, 2010

Tate is ONE!!!

My little baby getting bigger every day

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

J.K. Rowling- I owe you one

Did you ever envision something in your future and then realize all of sudden, years later, that that thing you'd been thinking about and looking forward to had actually come true? Well that is what just happened to me... Not one hour ago...
Now it is no secret that when I fall for something-I go down hard! Harry Potter has been one of the great fictional heroes of my life-I just love that boy. And over the years, even before I was married, I pictured myself sittin' cozy on a bed with the kiddos getting lost in the world of Harry Potter. We'd toss around words like Hogwarts, Quidditch and Muggles. We would loath Slytherin and that nasty Professor Snape, and cheer on the Gryffindors to a House Cup Victory. Ron and Hermione would become some of our dearest friends and we would fall in love with Harry Potter and his wizarding world together. And tonight, after almost a month of reading, Ryan H and I finally finished "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". He loved it! He loved the broomsticks, the magical moving chess pieces, the golden snitch-all of it!! (Ryan and Adelaide actually hugged when they found out Gryffindor had won the house cup). And as we high fived our literary triumph and made plans to start in on the next book as soon as possible, I realized as I kissed them goodnight, a little dream of mine had become a reality. I got to share something special to me with my kids and it became special to them too. Wow, just wow...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Age of Aquarium

We had a wonderful day at the Georgia Aquarium last Friday with Grammy.
We'd never been before and it was pretty cool. Couldn't get enough of the touch pool. The kids loved the slimy and suprisngly friendly sting rays!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Some Pictures of What We've Been Doing

Well I was trying my darndest get these pictures in the order I wanted but it is sooo not happening. I've already spent to0 much time on what was supposed to "just a quick post" that I just have to move on. So in a nut-Turner Field had a free Open House. The kids got to run the bases and even sit in the dug out. One of the pictures is Ryan, his friend Jack (in the same class and on the same baseball team) and Adelaide standing on home plate. The Tucker Law Enforcement also had a free open house of sorts. Ryan tried on the swat team gear very cool. We went to WV for Spring Break. Tate's favorite place to hang-snuggled up to grandma in the rocking chair. And yes even though life his busy with 3 kids, they do still get bathed occasionally. I needed to document the moment of course since it is a rarity when all 3 of them are clean at the same time:)
Dont' ya just love free stuff and fresh smelling children...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adelaide Is 4!!!!

Yes it's been over a month since our sweet little Adelaide turned the big 4. But I figure it's never to late to share some thoughts on how much I love this little curly blond gal.
She's funny and silly and cracks us up everyday. She loves pink and painting her nails but also insisted on being a Zombie for Halloween like her big brother (the year before she was Darth Vader, also her choice). And speaking of big brothers-She is fiercely protective of Ryan H.!! I have actually seen her step in front of him in order to stand up to whatever she perceived as a possible threat to him. She has done this multiple times. She loves little Tate (or "Tatey" as she calls him) too. And although he's rocked her world a bit, she is never short on hugs and kisses for him.
She is thoughtful. She is tough. She is kind. She is stubborn. She is mine!!!
And I can't get enough:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tate's Blessing Day

We had a wonderful weekend with family and friends to celebrate Tate's special day.