Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And To You Your Wassail Too

To all of our blog readers out there...
We are so grateful to have to you in our lives. To have family and friends to share in our joys and occasional pains like say oh loss of a finger...We count our blessings this year and they are many because of you. We hope all of you are surrounded by loved ones this holiday season and are filled with the spirit of Christmas. I don't think anyone could say it better than Clement C Moore and so I will send my greeting in his famous words
"Happy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night".

Monday, December 8, 2008

5 feet tall is very respectable in Oz

The other day my son Ryan was feeling quite put out because we would not let him have a soda with dinner like Ryan my husband. We told him he could have milk or water but not soda-it's for grown ups. He turned to me and said "You get to have soda". I said that's b/c I'm a grown up. He then looked me straight in the eye, cocked his chin and in his perfect 5 year old tone said
"Oh yeah, then why are you so small??!!" I wanted to be angry with his attitude but what can you do when they say something so unexpected and yet so true... We just laughed our heads off. He still didn't get the soda but eventually got over it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I love Thanksgiving!! It is one of my absolute favorite holidays. In fact every year I say to myself "Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!" But then Christmas comes and I get caught up in all the twinkly lights and red berried wreaths... So really I just love this whole season. It does just make me grateful to have family and friends to share in all this cheer. We celebrated at Molly's with 30 people. I think we counted 13 kids(hooray for the trampoline) and 15 adults. It couldn't have been more perfect. Except we did really miss not having Michael and his fam with us(we're counting on you guys next year!). We grew up with a huge buffet style Thanksgiving dinner and so these big, but casual affairs feel like home. Even down to the paper plates! For some reason though I'm not the best picture taker on Thanksgiving. Birthdays, Halloween, I'm on it. But not Thanksgiving. So here are a few pics snapped by my sister's Mother-in-law Barbara. Also, I think this year will be forever remembered in our family as the Thanksgiving Ryan H. spent in his jammies. I dunno why we never got around to making him get dressed. It seemed whenever there was a break in the action we couldn't find his jeans or something...